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Hello guys,

In November you told me that using the query based system was ok, and even in your documentation the advice was to use it. I understand you’ve changed your plan but now I’m very confused.

We have everything ready for the launch of our app (for a very important client) in February but now I see that I can’t create reference realm anymore and everything seems changed or changing,

I need to be able to use Realm for a period of at least 2 years and I don’t want to rewrite my app every 6 months. How to proceed?

My questions are:

  1. If I had to switch to Full-Sync architecture would I have the guarantee that with the switch to MongoDb I will be able to continue to use it without too much pain?
  2. What version of realm js should I use? 3.x or 4.x beta? What’s the main differences? I can’t find any changelog or something…

Thank you…

Hi Aurelio –

You can still use query-based sync and create reference Realms, however this must be done through the API now (vs. using Realm Studio). That being said, due to limitations that we have seen with query-based sync performance/scaling, we currently recommend using Realm Cloud combined with full sync. This will have the best support in the short term and will also have the simplest transition to a MongoDB-based solution once it is available. If you would like to reach out directly to discuss the specifics of your implementation, you can send me a message at [email protected].

As for versions of Realm JS, for production usage we currently recommend 3.x, but will recommend 4.x once it is GA. 4.x is mostly an internal re-write, but enables frozen objects and we will also be adding more flexible way of structuring/interacting with data to future versions. You can find a release blog here.


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