How do I declare RLMArray of NSString?


Realm doc mentions:

“RLMArray instances can also be used to model collections of primitive values (for example, an array of strings or integers)”

But how exactly?

I tried

@property RLMArray<NSString *><NSString> *ids;

Got an exception:
'Property ‘ids’ is of type ‘RLMArray’ which is not a supported RLMArray object type. RLMArrays can only contain instances of RLMObject subclasses.



The documentation mentions:

RLMArrays can store primitive values in lieu of Realm objects. In order to do so, constrain a RLMArray with one of the following protocols: RLMBool, RLMInt, RLMFloat, RLMDouble, RLMString, RLMData, or RLMDate.


OMG, thank you
Wish I can remove my stupid question. :sweat: