How can I see the size of Realms in Realm Cloud



My project has started using Realm Cloud as our primary data source. One of the issues/concerns I have about the service that that I cannot see the total storage consumed by the realm(s) in the cloud. Neither Realm Studio nor the dashboard provide storage details about the realms.

The old management maxim comes to mind: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

Is there a plan in the near future to provide this information through one or both of these services so we can see what realms are consuming what disk space? If a realm is growing quickly, as one of our realms does because of its history log, we need to intervene to keep it within our plan’s storage allowance, so knowing the numbers before we get the friendly reminder email would be helpful.


@admin_alfred Agreed - we will add this


@ianward Do you have any new info, when more or less this feature will be available?


@Radek It slotted for a few sprints out - if you need to know now please open a ticket at


@ianward can you update us on status? I see a recalculate size button in realm studio, but I don’t really know where I can see the size of a given realm.


@adamrhass When we rolled it out we saw that triggering realm size calculation could have an adverse impact on production realms - so we switched it off until we understand better what the profile/overhead is and how best to architect it in a multi-tenant environment. It is available for dedicated cloud customers since they are on a single tenant. Feel free to reach out support and we can provide you a list of realm sizes on your instance.


Any updates on this @ianward? Realm size will be the main limiting factor for my app and it would be nice to be able to measure this.


Any updates on this issue? I raised a related question here but no answers…

If I know the size of the local realms, is there any way I can estimate how much storage that will be used for Realm Cloud? I know it will be larger than the actually realm files, but how much bigger?

2x, 5x, 10x bigger?

Not being able to measure this makes it really hard to do estimates before going into production. I am stuck here and have been so for a long time.