How can I create a profile page for my mobile app with realm?


I want to create a profile page option for my app in react native and the datas to be stored in realm


Then do it and dont spam the forum with the same question.
You dont even have a question in this post.


what? I want to create a database without using an array. how can I DO IT?


1.) there is no question in your post. How do i need to know what do you want?
2.) you dont need to use arrays if you dont want. Its simple as not using a List in your RealmObjects.

You should read the documentation here:, it answers most of your questions:


I read it. I mean schema. schema is an array. Can you help me to keep the data?


Sorry, i cant help.
I dont know what do you want, what is your problem or anything.

Please write every info you have, “schema is an array. Can you help me to keep the data?” contains zero info. Do you want to change your list schema to another without it? So you want to do a migration?