Having difficulty retrieving object properties with relation to their parent categories


I am new to realm and iOS development so I apologize in advance if something isn’t explained properly or is just incorrect.

I have 2 Realm Object classes:

class Category: Object {

@objc dynamic var name: String = ""
@objc dynamic var color: String = ""
let trackers = List<Tracker>()



class Tracker: Object {

@objc dynamic var timeSegment: Int = 0
var parentCategory = LinkingObjects(fromType: Category.self, property: "trackers")


The issue is that I’m able to store new timeSegment properties consistently; however, I cannot retrieve & display a collection of timeSegment values from their parentCategory.

Any help is appreciated, and can follow up with any additional details.


How do you store the new data?
You should add to the Category.trackers list. With this way, you should able to get the parentCategory.


thanks for the response, i just now was able to solve it adding a new property to Tracker class referencing parent property name, and filtering results based on that. appreciate your help!