GraphQL-Error::Invalid options provided to ApolloServer: Operation canceled

following situation in Cloud-Instance:

  1. There is a Realm with Name ABC
  2. GraphQL-query works
  3. The Realm ABC is deleted
  4. The Realm is recreated
  5. The same query from Step 2) gives following Error: Invalid options provided to ApolloServer: Operation canceled

Can anyone help? This occurs everytime on those steps with every realm.

best regards


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This is a known bug that will be addressed with the next deployment. In the meantime, you can suffix the Realms instead of recreating them with the same name - e.g. ABC1, ABC2 and so on.

Hello Nirichev,
thanks for the information. Do you know, when the next deployment will be?
best regards

We are experiencing the same problem. Is it possible to rename the realm somehow to workaround this issue?