Got an error message after insert some records when adapter is running



We are trying build realm objects with Linking Objects. It looks like loader works fine, but we got errors when we tried to insert records after adapter starts.
error: Got Error: No property ‘value’ on object of type ‘table’ when processing object:
** at Object.exports.convert_to_realm_value (/Users/kneth/Projects/data-adapters/packages/mssql/src/SQLServerDataTypeMapping.ts:116:51)**
** at Object.exports.convert_to_realm_object (/Users/kneth/Projects/data-adapters/packages/mssql/src/SQLServerDataTypeMapping.ts:133:30)**
** at ops.forEach (/Users/kneth/Projects/data-adapters/packages/mssql/src/SQLServerToRealm.ts:305:35)**
** at Array.forEach ()**
** at RealmWriter.processEntries (/Users/kneth/Projects/data-adapters/packages/mssql/src/SQLServerToRealm.ts:244:13)**
** at SQLServerToRealm. (/Users/kneth/Projects/data-adapters/packages/mssql/src/SQLServerToRealm.ts:1281:73)**
** at ()**
** at fulfilled (/sqladapter/ros-tst-esig-iso-4080/node_modules/realm-mssql-adapters/dist/SQLServerToRealm.js:4:58)**
** at **
** at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)**


Another user has reported a similar error. My guess is that the data type of your primary key/foreign key is string/varchar. We have identified a bug, and a bug fix release is under way.