Google/Gmail Provider

Hey good folks!

Is there going to be a Google Provider authentication option? I was hoping to use Realm Cloud instead of hosting my own Realm Object Server.

Thank you.

@rafaelagp We support JWT right now for the Cloud and I believe that Google can provide a standard JWT token.

Oh, I had no idea the Google OAuth2 token was JWT format.
What would be the public key to add to the jwt provider settings?

Google Guide states that

The ID token is properly signed by Google. Use Google’s public keys (available in JWK or PEM format) to verify the token’s signature. These keys are regularly rotated; examine the Cache-Control header in the response to determine when you should retrieve them again.

so I wonder if JWT will work or not as public keys are rotated regularly

Same applies for Firebase auth (I have another thread open in forum)
Firebase docs says that corresponding public key of token will be listed at

you have to decide public key based on kid claim in token header.

Any progress on using a Google JWT token and where to get it?