Failed to create emailHandler for Realm Cloud authentication provider


(Matej) #1


on my realm cloud instance, I wanted to enable:

[X] Send emails to new users asking them to confirm their email address and allow users to reset their passwords
This requires that the usernames provided by users are valid email addresses.

[X] Use the email configuration provided by Realm Cloud
We provide a default configuration that can send emails when a user needs to confirm their email or reset their password. For stronger branding, you can configure the address from which emails are sent.

But when I tried it in my iOS project with SyncUser.requestPasswordReset, nothing happened, so I checked the Logs in Realm Studio, and I saw this error:

Failed to create emailHandler for config: {“connectionString”:“undefined”,“from”:“[email protected]”,“baseUrl”:“”}. Error: TypeError: Cannot create property ‘mailer’ on string ‘undefined’

Can you check why it fails when I want to enable this feature?


(Matej) #2

Fixed in this ticket: