Failed to authenticate with email

We’re unable to connect and login to our Realm Cloud instance on our network. However, we’re able to connect successfully off the network successfully.


If we browse to our instance URL we’re able to load the site. We use a proxy server but the machine we’re connecting from is part of one of our policies that allows unauthenticated internet access.

Does anyone know of a potential reason why the login would timeout and fail to authenticate?

Thank you.

I am getting a number of errors with Realm Cloud. There might be an issue with their service?

*Edit: Even though their status page shows everything is fully online

That’s strange – could you write into our support channel with your email / instance information?

What kind of errors are you getting?

It was an error trying to create a new instance of a Realm Cloud database. It has since gone away and I was able to create it. Thanks for following up.