Each Device get only the own record, Syncing does not work (for me)


i am new here, this is my first Question.
I am working with Swift.

I have a realm cloud, and i will save for each user a “PlayerActivity” record. it works, but each device finds only the own record (saved from the device), all others (saved from other devices) are not founded.

I work with the next code:

private func loginToRealmSync(new: Bool, userName: String) {
    let password = “xxx” + userName + “yyy”
    let logInCredentials = SyncCredentials.usernamePassword(username: userName, password: password)
    SyncUser.logIn(with: logInCredentials, server: GV.AUTH_URL) { user, error in
        if user == nil {  // create a new Account
            let signUpCredentials = SyncCredentials.usernamePassword(username: userName, password: password, register: true)
            SyncUser.logIn(with: signUpCredentials, server: GV.AUTH_URL) { user, error in
                if user == nil {
                    print("Error, user couldn't be created")
                } else {
                    let logInCredentials = SyncCredentials.usernamePassword(username: userName, password: password)
                    SyncUser.logIn(with: logInCredentials, server: GV.AUTH_URL) { user, error in
                        if user == nil {
                            print("error after register")
                        } else {
                            GV.myUser = user
                            GV.basicDataRecord.myName = userName
                            //                print(textField.text)
                            try! realm.commitWrite()
                            print("OK after register")
        } else {
            print("OK user exists")
            GV.myUser = user

func setIsOnline() {
    let syncConfig: SyncConfiguration = SyncConfiguration(user: GV.myUser!, realmURL: GV.REALM_URL)
    let config = Realm.Configuration(syncConfiguration: syncConfig, objectTypes: [BestScoreSync.self, PlayerActivity.self])
    realmSync = try! Realm(configuration: config)

    if playerActivity == nil {
        playerActivity = realmSync?.objects(PlayerActivity.self).filter("name = %@", GV.basicDataRecord.myName)
    try! realmSync?.write {
        if playerActivity?.count == 0 {
            let playerActivityItem = PlayerActivity()
            playerActivityItem.name = GV.basicDataRecord.myName
            playerActivityItem.nickName = GV.basicDataRecord.myNickname
            playerActivityItem.isOnline = true
            playerActivityItem.onlineSince = Date()
            playerActivityItem.onlineTime = 0
        } else {
            playerActivity![0].isOnline = true
            playerActivity![0].onlineSince = Date()

import Foundation
import RealmSwift

class PlayerActivity: Object {

// Specify properties to ignore (Realm won't persist these)
@objc dynamic var name: String = UUID().uuidString
@objc dynamic var nickName: String?
@objc dynamic var isOnline: Bool = false
@objc dynamic var onlineSince: Date?
@objc dynamic var onlineTime: Int = 0

override static func primaryKey() -> String? {
    return "name"


In the viewController:

override func viewDidLoad() {
tableView.dataSource = self
tableView.delegate = self
tableView.frame = self.view.frame
subscription = playerActivityItems.subscribe(named: “myUserActivitys”)
subscriptionToken = subscription.observe(.state) { [weak self] state in
print(“in Subscription!”)
switch state {
case .creating:
// The subscription has not yet been written to the Realm
case .pending:
// The subscription has been written to the Realm and is waiting
// to be processed by the server
case .complete:
print(“complete: count records: (String(describing: self!.playerActivityItems.count))”)
// The subscription has been processed by the server and all objects
// matching the query are in the local Realm
case .invalidated:
// The subscription has been removed
case .error(let error):
print(“error: (error)”)
// An error occurred while processing the subscription
notificationToken = playerActivityItems.observe { [weak self] (changes) in
guard let tableView = self?.tableView else { return }
switch changes {
case .initial:
// Results are now populated and can be accessed without blocking the UI
case .update(_, let deletions, let insertions, let modifications):
// Query results have changed, so apply them to the UITableView
tableView.insertRows(at: insertions.map({ IndexPath(row: $0, section: 0) }),
with: .automatic)
tableView.deleteRows(at: deletions.map({ IndexPath(row: $0, section: 0)}),
with: .automatic)
tableView.reloadRows(at: modifications.map({ IndexPath(row: $0, section: 0) }),
with: .automatic)
case .error(let error):
// An error occurred while opening the Realm file on the background worker thread

In Realm Studio i see only one record.

The Realm Users are NOT Admins!

I have tested the ToDoAppPartial from Realm Cloud documentation, it has worked for me.
But: in the sample is the SyncCredentials.nickname used, that is not recommended for Releases.

Could anybody help me?

Do the users have permission to at least read the other’s realm?

Currently, you are writing the users data their own realm, not a shared realm.

Thank You!
I have created a user in Realm Studio with admin privileges and all devices make login with the same user. Now it works perfect!

Jozsef :wink: