Debugging VS2019 doesn't work after referencing Realm


i have a really weired behaviour on which i kind of stuck right now. As soon as I add Realm via NuGet Packagemanager to my Mobile-App Project in VisualStudio 2019, i am not able to debug anymore. The app is running normal, the logs are (as far as i can see) fine. The only thing that is not working anymore is the debugger.

Here is what i did:

  • Create a new project in VisualStudio 2019
  • Choose 'Mobile App (Xamarin.Forms)
  • Select any name, click create
  • Select Template ‘Shell’ -> Click OK
  • Open App.xaml.cs -> Set breakpoint on InitializeComponent in the Constructor
  • Start the app to check if the debugging works and the breakpoint gets hit. <- Result: Works!
  • Right click on your Solution -> NuGet-Package manager -> Search for Realm, install realm on all projects (or even on one project - does not matter)
  • After installing the package, start the app again and chekc if the breakpoint gets hit <- Result: App opens, breakpoint does not get hit.

Does anyone have a clue what i have missed? Im sure it is just configuration but i can not figure out what the issue is. When i check the changed files, it is only the csproj file and the added FodyWeaver-File.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance, G

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Ok, thanks to @fkbeys i figured out the problem.

It seems that there is an issue with version Realm v4.2.0. When i use v4.1.0 i can use the debugger again.

Greeting, G

I have same issue.
It take me two days to found what happened.
If I remove realm reference, debugger will be work…

Yes there’s an issue with the native projects not stopping at debugger points because the debug information is not being loaded. It’s been reported at least twice, being tracked on this issue.

If you have a Xamarin Forms app with your logic in a common .netstandard assembly then the breakpoints in there still work with Realm 4.2