Credentials.Provider now internal?

Why has the Credentials.Provider class now been made internal? I use it for var userInfo = await AdminUser.RetrieveInfoForUserAsync(Credentials.Provider.UsernamePassword, number);

Should I now just use “password” and hope it does not change? :slight_smile:

The changelog writes:
“The Credentials.Provider class has been removed. Previously, it contained a few constants that were intended for internal use mostly.”. That’s not entirely true.

You’re right - RetrieveInfoForUserAsync was one place where these constants are useful. The considerations that led to marking them as internal is that they’re not exhaustive - e.g. there can be providers that are not exposed as constants - and they’re not necessarily correct - e.g. you can rename the jwt provider to be called my-super-auth. In any case, I’ll talk to the team and see if we should bring them back for the sake of this method. In the meantime though, unless you customize ROS, you can just use password - we’re definitely not changing the default names for these providers.

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