"Column name too long" when importing CSV file

When I try to import CSV file I permanently get this: “Column name too long”

  1. First I export Mac Numbers file to CSV
  2. There are 8 columns In CSV file, which names are not longer than 20 characters, without spaces
  3. each cell contains max to 220 words, each row contains no more than 550 words
  4. CSV file is 80kB
  5. I tried to export using Excell for Mac & Windows - the same
    What I am doing wrong? Is there some constraints about the number of data in each cell or row?
    Any thoughts? Please help.

below the output from RealmStudio

Column name too long
Exception backtrace:
0 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a41ae2e _ZN5realm10LogicErrorC1ENS0_9ErrorKindE + 62
1 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a53e8d9 _ZN5realm5Table16do_insert_columnERNS_10DescriptorEmNS_8DataTypeENS_10StringDataERNS_14LinkTargetInfoEb + 409
2 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a1f8eb1 _ZN5realm10Descriptor13insert_columnEmNS_8DataTypeENS_10StringDataEPNSt3__110shared_ptrIS0_EEb + 113
3 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a53d284 _ZN5realm5Table13insert_columnEmNS_8DataTypeENS_10StringDataEbPNSt3__110shared_ptrINS_10DescriptorEEE + 100
4 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0b922e _ZN12_GLOBAL__N_113insert_columnERN5realm5GroupERNS0_5TableERKNS0_8PropertyEm + 135
5 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0b90a7 _ZN12_GLOBAL__N_119add_initial_columnsERN5realm5GroupERKNS0_12ObjectSchemaE + 185
6 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0b51b0 _ZN5realm11ObjectStore20apply_schema_changesERNS_5GroupEyRNS_6SchemaEyNS_10SchemaModeERKNSt3__16vectorINS_12SchemaChangeENS6_9allocatorIS8_EEEENS_4util8OptionalINS6_12basic_stringIcNS6_11char_traitsIcEENS9_IcEEEEEENS6_8functionIFvvEEE + 650
7 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0ce346 _ZN5realm5Realm13update_schemaENS_6SchemaEyNSt3__18functionIFvNS2_10shared_ptrIS0_EES5_RS1_EEENS3_IFvS5_EEEb + 1002
8 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0e7034 _ZN5realm5_impl16RealmCoordinator12do_get_realmENS_5Realm6ConfigERNSt3__110shared_ptrIS2_EERNS4_11unique_lockINS4_5mutexEEEb + 698
9 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0e6cee _ZN5realm5_impl16RealmCoordinator9get_realmENS_5Realm6ConfigE + 352
10 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a0cd419 _ZN5realm5Realm16get_shared_realmENS0_6ConfigE + 113
11 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a02875c _ZN5realm2js10RealmClassINS_4node5TypesEE19create_shared_realmEPN2v87IsolateENS_5Realm6ConfigEbONSt3__13mapINSA_12basic_stringIcNSA_11char_traitsIcEENSA_9allocatorIcEEEENSB_ISH_NS0_9ProtectedINS5_5LocalINS5_5ValueEEEEENSA_4lessISH_EENSF_INSA_4pairIKSH_SM_EEEEEESO_NSF_INSP_ISQ_ST_EEEEEEONSB_ISH_NSI_INSJ_INS5_8FunctionEEEEESO_NSF_INSP_ISQ_S10_EEEEEE + 128
12 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a026c03 _ZN5realm2js10RealmClassINS_4node5TypesEE11constructorEPN2v87IsolateENS5_5LocalINS5_6ObjectEEERNS0_9ArgumentsIS3_EE + 391
13 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a025dc1 _ZN5realm4node10ObjectWrapINS_2js10RealmClassINS0_5TypesEEEE9constructERKN3Nan20FunctionCallbackInfoIN2v85ValueEEE + 343
14 .io.realm.realm-studio.0mSAA9 0x000000011a026928 _ZN3Nan3impL23FunctionCallbackWrapperERKN2v820FunctionCallbackInfoINS1_5ValueEEE + 164
15 libnode.dylib 0x00000001139a8dd4 ZN2v88internal13VirtualMemory11TakeControlEPS1 + 1172
16 libnode.dylib 0x00000001139fafc1 _ZN2v88internallsERNSt3__113basic_ostreamIcNS1_11char_traitsIcEEEERKNS0_18BasicBlockProfilerE + 137281
17 libnode.dylib 0x00000001139faa19 _ZN2v88internallsERNSt3__113basic_ostreamIcNS1_11char_traitsIcEEEERKNS0_18BasicBlockProfilerE + 135833
18 ??? 0x0000003ff1284c1d 0x0 + 274628889629

It’s a good idea to include a sample set of the data you’re trying to import. It could be a number of things but one thing to start with is to eliminate all data except the header line and the first line of data and see if that works. If not, include that in your question.

Also, it sounds like you are familiar with imporing but take a look at this thread as it’s an example of some common issues with importing

Thank you Jay for your answer because it gave me an impulse to seek more, for I was tired to change this or that in my database spending the whole day, thinking this was the issue, but it wasn’t. And I think I have finally found the answer.
I use Mac with Polish language and the system number separation formatting is comma “,”. Thus Excell or Numbers create CSV file with the semicolon “;” separator instead of comma. I have changed in System Preferences numbers separator from comma “’,” to dot “.” and additionally general region to United States. Now, exporting to CSV and creating realm file seems to work, even when the spreadsheet cell text is large.

Excellent catch! Super good information - thanks for the explanation of the fix.

I’ve created an issue on the public GitHub repository, on a suggestion on having Realm Studio guess the column delimiter character: https://github.com/realm/realm-studio/issues/1214