Cloud Service Notice - Upgrading Cloud now for about an hour


We have just initiated an update to the Realm Cloud infrastructure that can bring down your instance for up to an hour. We hope this will be of minimal disturbance and bring even better performance going forward.

Thanks for your understanding!


Thanks for letting us know @bmunk. Going forward can we expect upgrades to the infrastructure to interrupt service after GA?


That would be something we would strive to avoid. It could be needed rarely for updating the ROS version. But we are considering means for you to affect how and when that would happen. And also likely a longer or actual warning :slight_smile:


That would be good so we could post a notice for our users on our own dashboard when an outage was expected … we could even make it a positive … server maintenance but you can keep on working with local data and your app will sync when the server is back online. Pretty cool I think.