Can't Upgrade to Reference Anymore in Realm Studio?

I am using the latest version of Realm Studio (3.8.3) on MacOS. In the past, when creating a new realm, there was an “Upgrade” button in the lower-right to upgrade the realm to Reference (we use query-based sync). I no longer see that button, and can find no way to create a Reference realm. Am I missing something? How do I create Reference realms now?

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Hi Barry,

De-emphasis of query-based sync (QBS) is an intentional change included in the Realm Studio 3.8.3 release (realm-studio #1224). There are some performance and scalability challenges with the current implementation of query-based sync and this feature will be rearchitected in 2020 per the public Realm Roadmap.

I believe you should still be able to create reference Realms with older versions of Realm Studio, but the strong encouragement is to use full sync in the short term (especially for new deployments).

There’s also a thread from last month on the future of query-based sync that may be of interest.


Yes, we are aware of the roadmap. Unfortunately, we architected and started implementing our (large, complex) app long before you guys decided to “de-emphasize” query-based sync. Switching to full sync at this point would require a major rearchitecting of our app (which is nearing public launch).

Our plan was to hold out for full MongoDb Realm QBS support later this year. We did not anticipate you fully dropping support for QBS in Realm Studio. How do we downgrade to an older version of Realm Studio? And can we be guaranteed that that approach will still allow us to create new reference realms until MongoDb Realm QBS support arrives?

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Same situation, I talked with you guys (november) and you told me that using Query Based was the best option.

I feel there’s a bit of a misunderstanding here. Removing a button to upgrade a full Realm to a reference Realm does not mean we’re “fully dropping” support for QBS. You can still create reference Realms via the SDKs which has always been the recommended way to do it. The Studio option has been there in case you designed your app to use full sync and at some point wanted to switch to QBS.

Ok, but I want to be ready for the switch to MongoDB, if I have to rewrite my App I prefer to do it now instead of in 6 months…as I understand there won’t QBS in mongoldb realm (or at least a different version)

Here is the last version with the button available:

as I understand there won’t QBS in mongoldb realm

Initially we’re focusing on Full Sync, because that effort is well understood and we are confident we can deliver a product that people will be delighted to use. Once we have that in place, we’ll work on QBS and try to resolve the shortcomings of the current system. Eventually, there will be QBS with MongoDB, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to make the switch to full sync now and be ready to sync with MongoDB from day one or you’d like to keep running on Realm Cloud until we’ve fixed the outstanding architecture issues around QBS.

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We try to use Realm Cloud Platform as we would other cloud data platforms. For all other data related cloud services we are using, we create and maintain our database instances from admin tools. We do not typically create instance from code via SDKs. I can see where the SDK approach makes more sense for Full Sync and dynamically created realms, but it seems to make much less sense for QBS where our realm creation is really an admin task. So, the removal of the Upgrade button in 3.8.3 came as a surprise for us and is missed.

Thanks, we’ll stick with 3.8.2 for the time being then.