Can't add multiple objects to a list in Realm Studio


Hi Team, just updated to Realm Studio 2.6.1 on a Mac running OS 10.13.6.

I am using studio to hardcode my objects (a), some objects contain a list where I pick multiple other objects (b). so A can have B1, B2, B3 etc.

I could do this fine in previous versions, however in the latest update whenever I click ‘add object’ to the list in the create new object form to add a second object, the button is non responsive and the page scroll indicator has disappeared.

Is there a way I can work around this? or is there a way I can revert to a previous version of realm studio where this worked.



Update: This issue occurred for me on the latest version of Realm Studio for Windows as well.

Fix: Rolled back to Realm Studio 2.4.1, works fine on this version.


@pete thanks for the report - can you file an issue here:

we will get this sorted for you


@ianward thanks! I have filed the issue.