Can someone help me understand my transfer usage limit?



I’m on Realm Cloud Standard plan. When I click on a Realm Instance it shows transferred to be about 500mb while my estimated cost is still 0.

Why is the estimated cost and transferred part on the right still 0, but it says about 500mb on the other chart?

What happens if I go over my limit? Will I get auto-charged for more transferred?


The estimated cost gets updated daily, whereas the transfer graph is realtime, so that could be a source of discrepancy. Additionally, the data in the estimated cost pane is for the current billing period, which is in most cases just a portion of the last 30 days displayed in the transfer graph.

If you go over your transfer limit, we are not going to charge you more or prevent access to your instance, but a sales person will reach out and discuss what your needs are in terms of resources and help design a plan that is suited for those needs.