Can I install ROS 2.0 on the managed cloud server?


I know that it is possible to install ROS 2.0 on the conventional Vultr Server. But, I am not sure if the story is same when we talk about the managed Vultr Cloud server as their are some companies operational in the market who are providing the managed server and are willing to take away all the pain of managing the server with their simplified one click platform. The configuration of the server that I want to setup mainly consist of:

Bandwidth 1TB
Storage 25GB
Processor 1 Core

Although, some other features of the platform are following:

24/7 Support
Managed Backups
1-Click Free SSL Installation
Dedicated Firewalls
Regular OS and Patch Management
Multiple Databases
Optimized Stack With Advanced Cache
Seamless Vertical Scaling
SSD-Based Servers
Dedicated Environment
Staging Area & URLs, etc.

So, what do you think will it be a good option to go with it.