BitRise Build Fails to Find RealmWeaver


Has anyone used BitRise to do builds for their Xamarin Form apps? I am getting an error building a library used by a Xamarin Forms app for iOS and Droid. It compiles on all the dev boxes yet fails on our build service which is BitRise with the error

MSBUILD : error : Fody: Could not find a weaver named ‘RealmWeaver’.
MSBUILD : error : If you have nuget package restore turned on you probably need to do a build to download the weavers.
MSBUILD : error : Alternatively you may have added a weaver to your ‘FodyWeavers.xml’ and forgot to add the appropriate NuGet package.
MSBUILD : error : This url may provide more information 6 .

I have Realm package 3.4.0 and Fody 3.0.3 along with PropertyChanged 2.5.6. The library is built for .NET Standard 2.0. I have added …</SolutionDir> to the project files. Any ideas?