Backup and Restore in Realm Cloud


Hey all,

I am using Realm Cloud to synchronize data between devices. Our database is growing and I would like to check how I can backup and restore the database.

I am on the 30$ plan and I cant find this option. I do not want to copy files from devices because I find it extremely inconvenient. Is there a way to do it in the cloud?

The use case is: A user accidently deleted a dataset and I want to recover to a backup state.

Is the something I have overlooked or does it not work?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Dear Realm-Team,

could you please help me with this topic?



I don’t think that this feature exists.


Any news on that question dear Realm team?


@iltis As part of our realm operations architecture we do perform daily backups of your volumes however this is not exposed to the operator to recover from - this is part of our business continuity plan to recover in the event of a disaster recovery scenario.

You could implement your own backup by writing a node.js script which downloads the realm with realm apis and then uploads the data to some object storage like S3. This could also be available to the operator upon request as part of a custom cloud package.