Authentication error


Following the instructions to implement a sync app to Realm Cloud using iOS/Swift, I got an authentication error in this step:

Error in the Realm Studio app logs section:

HTTP response: e749b9f3-f3b1-48b1-a8b5-b681ffb0dfb1 {"type":"","title":"Your request parameters did not validate.","status":400,"code":601,"invalid_params":[{"name":"provider","reason":"Invalid parameter 'provider'!"}]}

Thanks for the help.

I searched this error on the forum:
Are you using JWT?


No, I’m not using it.


What is your url? Do you use the 9080 port?

I think maybe I was wrong about the solution I choose in the form: I’m using the cloud solution managed by Realm Studio app, it’s not a dedicated server.

If you’re going through the quickstart guide, the documentation is wrong for authentication

See Nickname Authentication Change