Are we the only one with large amounts of native crashes?


Little bit of a personal rant…

We’ve been using realm-java (just the database not the platform) since the very early days and we always had major problems with native crashes and realm files going corrupt, some got fixed and some returned over the years. But a while back after doing another update from version 3.3.1 to 5.7.1 things got pretty bad again.

Here is just a part of the native crashes that we are experiencing

Now most (if not all) of these crashes are already mentioned in some capacity on github so I won’t go into detail here about every single one of them here. But I’m surprised how many mysterious crashes are listed here.

I’m wondering…are we in the minority here or are more developers that are responsible for medium/large user bases (50.000+) experiencing this?

It’s totally possible that these crashes/errors are device specific or mistakes made in our own code (although we spend a lot of effort on following guidelines/best practices etc) but that doesn’t change the fact that these crashes are:

  1. Difficult (if not impossible) to reproduce
  2. Incomprehensible to non-Realm developers
  3. Bricking realm files to unrecoverable states

To me this is (by far) the biggest problem with Realm. Shame, because it’s so easy and awesome otherwise.